From raisins to Rembrandt; you name it, we'll frame it!

Four Tips for Custom Framing

Lighthouse painting, Framed

Selecting custom framing materials is easier than you think!

Everyone has some treasured item or image waiting to be framed and displayed; family memories tucked away in a closet or drawer with no one to admire them.

Often the reason is that many people aren’t familiar with the process of preservation framing, which would allow you to enhance the subject being framed as well as help protect valuable keepsakes from harmful UV light exposure, dirt and dust.

Tip 1

Choose a professional custom picture framer who shares your creative vision.

Professional picture framer’s are craft people who can help guide you through the framing process of selecting the best materials and design for your project. Mat board, Glazing (glass & acrylic) and the frame are there to not only enhance but also protect your treasure.

Tip 2

All Mat board is not created equal.

Mat board can vary greatly. A professional picture framer will only use preservation (sometimes called conservation) grade mat board that is either labeled alpha cellulose or rag. These boards have been engineered to meet the exacting 100% archival standards of the world’s top conservators.

Tip 3

All glazing is not created equal.

Picture frame gazing is available in a variety of types. Some specialty glazing offers unparalleled clarity, making the glazing appear almost invisible. Conservation glazing blocks 99% of UV light, slowing down the fading more than any other type of glazing. And of course, there are several options in between.

Tip 4

Frame it to last!

With thousands of frames to choose from, it’s best to work with your professional picture framer and choose a frame that works best to enhance your artwork or treasure for years and generations to come. Make sure your Custom Picture framer is experienced in preservation techniques before you entrust him or her with your precious treasures. Then hang and enjoy for years to come.

Tips for Hanging Your Art

When hanging a single piece of art, there are some helpful guidelines that will bring the best results. Here are a few tips: When hanging a piece of art over a piece of furniture, don’t space them more than six inches apart. This will help create unity rather than discord. If you are hanging art in a stairway, use removable painter’s tape to mimic the angle of the stairs so frames are at the same angle. Finally, when hanging any art, hang at eye level. Keep in mind that eye level is different when walking down a hall than it is sitting in the dining room.

Framed Letter

It is most common to see pairs of framed art hanging side by side, but on tall, narrow walls, they may look best hanging one on top of the other. With two story rooms and vaulted ceilings being so popular, there are plenty of opportunities to go up the wall with art. Pairs can also be hung diagonally in a stairway. Pairs don’t necessarily have to remain together. Split them up with one on either side of a mirror or armoire to add a new dimension to your space.

Each piece of a matched set of art is typically framed identically and hung in a structured layout. Of course you can always hang pieces more randomly if that is your style. You can display them with even spacing between each one. A current trend is hanging a row of matching frames side by side across a wall with little or no space between them. When hanging odd number of pieces you can still have structure, such as two frames centered over three frames, again with uniform spacing.

Groupings of mixed and matched art and frames, or framed art and mirrors are popular today. Art is framed to suit each individual piece and arranged more casually. Many people like to lay the pieces out on the floor to see the overall balance before committing to making holes in the wall. You can also cut pieces of paper and tape to the wall to experience the final effect.

Capturing a Moment in a Frame

For Mom and Dad on their special day

Handprints and Photo, framed compilation

This year show your parents that you really appreciate them! Neckties for Dad and flowers for mom are nice; but what if you could really WOW them with a special unique gift that shows your love and appreciation for years to come. Something created just for them! A customize framed is a wonderful gift that that will show them how much they mean to you.

We have been known to frame some pretty unusual things! If you haven’t thought about it, framing isn’t just for pictures. You can bring in all kinds of treasures and we will transform them into one-of-a-kind works of art that make inspiring gift. Just consider the items you may already have that could easily be turned into art – grandma’s favorite tea cup, dad’s fishing items, that sand dollar you picked up at the beach while on holiday with mom, or your first piece of art . It is fun to have those special keepsakes on display where you can see and enjoy them, and won’t Mom and Dad have a great time showing them to their friends.

Some of the most special moments of our lives are over so quickly. Custom framing allows us to capture those times for you so you can enjoy them for years to come. Whether you have photos and mementos from special events, souvenirs from a trip, a golf score card from Dad’s best game ever, or a playbill from that show you went to with mom, we can take your memories and turn them into beautiful artwork that will be treasured by your parents for years to come.

This year, on their special day, surprise them with a gift that will bring a smile to their face every time they look at it. Something created just for them!