From raisins to Rembrandt; you name it, we'll frame it!

Georgian Frame Gallery is proud to offer many custom framing choices, because that's what it takes for extraordinary results. Choosing moulding, mat colours and glass options can be overwhelming; but don't worry about that. Our custom framing consultants are here to make it effortless and enjoyable to get your framing done beautifully!

What can we frame?

  •   Original Paintings
  •   Art Prints
  •   Posters
  •   Limited Editions
  •   Etchings
  •   Serigraphs
  •   Prints on Canvas
  •   Needle Art
  •   Sports Memorabilia
  •   Family Heirlooms

What we can frame is only limited by your imagination!

"From Raisins to Rembrandt; you name it, we'll frame it!"

Benefits of Custom Picture Framing

Birch Trees Diptych

Everyone likes to amend things in their own way. Be it re-decorating a house or an entire art gallery. Getting things designed just how you want it is always tempting, even when it comes to framing your prized possessions. Custom Picture Framing can be a tricky thing; there are so many things to consider before the finalizing the design that will truly beautify your picture, from selecting an appropriate matting to glazing the front section of the frame. None the less, Custom Picture framing has its own perks that make it a priority over readymade frames. Custom picture framing require much more investment of time and attention on your part; however, the results are totally worth the effort.

The main purpose of custom picture framing is to enhance your treasured artwork and preserve it flawlessly. The biggest benefit of custom framing is a unique one of a kind design. The frame should not only enhance the artwork but also work beautifully in its surroundings.

Custom Picture Frames are made of quality. A professional picture framer will only use the highest quality of products assuring the longevity of your artwork, from the glazing to the mat and backing along with the frame. Time honoured craftsmanship is involved.

The numerous options a custom picture framer offers will seem overwhelming at first; but with a bit of guidance and the subject being framed you will be able to perfectly coordinate your frame with the enclosed surrounding. Every object, treasured item and piece of art is a new experience. Each piece will require its own creative design to bring out the best from the art piece.

Think of Custom picture framing as a form of visual communication, when it’s properly designed the item being frames is the main focus and the matting and framing are the supporting cast.

Create the Perfect Custom Framed Mirror

Custom framed mirrors are perfect for decorating and enhancing any living space. Rectangular, square, round or oval: Custom framed mirrors are ideal for complimenting your bathroom vanity, enhancing a fireplace mantle, and opening up a living room or entryway.

We can help design and build just the right size, shape and style of custom framed mirror for your home.

Custom Framed Mirror

Tips for selecting the perfect Custom Framed Mirror:

Before shopping for the perfect framed mirror, it is important to consider the size of the room, wall, or space in which the framed mirror will hang. If it is a small room, pay close attention to where the mirror will be hung, as a framed mirror can really make a cramped room seem larger. Generally, placing a mirror cross from a window or light source will expand the room and make it look larger.

Show your room's reflectivity, personality and style. Some framed mirrors have large, ornate frames that can act as a piece of art. Others are round, oval or modern for a unique look. Our custom framed mirrors are available in many shapes and sizes, straight cut or beveled to fit any decorative need.

Framed mirrors fit perfectly in any room! They're stunning in bathrooms and many people won't live without one in the bedroom. For children's rooms, make certain to hang kids framed mirrors at the child's eye level. This will help the child feel special and also be useful. Mirrors look stunning over a fireplace mantle or at the end of a hallway. Many formal dining areas also have a mirror to make the room seem more spacious.

If you're looking for a way to open up a closed room, but don't want to tear down any walls, a framed mirror is the perfect solution! A mirror can magically transform a small room into something that feels much more spacious.

Framed mirrors reflect the light and objects in front of them to create a larger feeling space. When placed across from an open window, they're a wonderful way to bring in more natural light. Traditional framed mirrors are especially good at creating an illusion of more space. They effortlessly enhance the beauty in any sized room.

Dazzling Diplomas!

University and college degrees represent thousands of dollars and years of hard work – celebrate with a beautiful setting for that hard-earned

Don’t leave that school diploma or certificate in a cardboard roll or in a drawer. Diplomas signify an outstanding achievement and one of life’s great milestones, and deserve to be beautifully framed and showcased – What a wonderful gift for any grad!

Framed Degree

For a truly customized gift, add a graduation tassel or announcement, photographs, lithographs of campus icons, school seals, and more in a frame or shadow box, perhaps with a frame finish or mat colors to complement the school colors.

Your custom framer will help you select a design that is professional and pleasing and that will nicely accent your office or home décor.

Whether your diploma is on parchment or paper, your custom framer will know how to best preserve and present it.

Preservation-quality cotton or alpha-cellulose mat is essential to keep the diploma in top condition for many years. Reversible mounting techniques will allow for the removal of the diploma, if required. Ultraviolet filtering glazing will help to protect the diploma from the harmful effects of UV rays.

The frame itself can have a very traditional look in the classic black and gold, or represent your personal taste. From metal to wood the frame and mat will not only protect this amazing achievement, but also present it in a way that you will be proud of your accomplishment for years to come.

This is one of your biggest achievements – proudly display what you have achieved!

Go Team!!

Sports fans preserve your treasured memorabilia! Whether it’s a child’s jersey from Little League, college favourites, or a souvenir from a pro sports team, you’ll want the best framing to display and protect your sporting treasures.

Collection of Toronto Maple Leafs Memorabilia

Hole in one? Relive the moment by framing your golf ball, tees, and score card.

Run a marathon or take part in a triathlon? Frame your running shoes, numbered bib, medallions, and jersey.

Shoot and Score! We frame everything hockey; from hockey sticks, pucks, goalie masks, and jerseys to tickets and programs.

We can frame baseball mitts and balls, pennants, medallions, patches, footballs, boxing gloves, soccer balls, golf tees and balls, marathon and triathlon mementos, fishing lures, sports card collections, and much more. Whatever the sport, we can frame it!

Think of all the things you can add to tell the complete story – tickets, autographs, programs, newspaper articles, magazine covers, and photos!

Bring us your sports memorabilia – and other items you’d like to frame. We’ll preserve these treasures through the use of proper protective conservation materials and mounting methods, as well as recommend design and display ideas.

We also specialize in framing artwork, graduation diplomas, photographs, posters, wedding mementos, children’s art, and more; and we can advise you on hanging framed work and protecting it from light, humidity, acid, mold, and bugs. As we say from Raisin’s to Rembrandt, you name it we can frame it!